Due to the current economic situation, we are experiencing an industry wide impact on materials and labor. The Lang Construction team has been working diligently with our vendors to continue to stay informed and up to date on any current and upcoming material setbacks.

With the constant fluctuation of material and labor costs, current stock and production of materials, we need to set expectations up front of any needs for reselections and lead time setbacks as follows:

New Quotes: All quotes are only valid for 14 days.

  • Quotes in process that exceed the 14-day quote period will be reviewed for requoting until the approved project goes into the ordering phase.

Projects Requiring Structural Drawings:
  • Projects requiring structural drawings will not be sent for permitting until final stamped structural drawing is received.
  • If the structural drawing exceeds the 14-day quote period, the signed quote will be reviewed for requoting.

Projects Requiring Permitting:
  • Any project that has any unforeseen permitting delays that exceed the 14-day quote period or any revised 14-day period, will be reviewed for requoting


Current Customers Under Contract:

If your project is under contract and material pricing or shortages impact your project, we would like to provide options to move forward. A written/emailed decision of your option selection is required.

Option 1: CANCEL your Project: If your project has not yet started, you may cancel the project and receive a refund, less any initial design deposits, plans, permitting and administrative fees.

Option 2: PAUSE your Project: Put your project on hold and wait to see if the market adjusts in order to continue your project at a later date.

Option 3: CONTINUE your Project: Continue to move forward with your project based on any impacts and upcharges (budget, materials and reselections). Please note that impacts to the budget will apply based on current pricing.

As we stated, we are doing everything we can to continue your project with little impact, however, this is completely out of our control based on today's economic conditions. It is our ultimate goal to continue every project that is approved to continue, however, please note that some things may be paused or changed due to conditions out of our control. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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